Buying a Car "AS IS"

"As is" can mean "oh no." When you buy a used car that the dealer advertises "as is," be careful. The dealer is telling you that he/she is not warranting anything. If anything happens to the car, the dealer is not responsible for it. When you are buying a used or new car, always have someone with you who knows something about cars and get a mechanic to check out the car before you purchase it. This applies to anything you purchase "as is."

Be wary of extended warranties and service policies as well. Read the fine print to make sure that the warranty covers as many components as possible and that the deductible on the service policy isn’t so high as to make the warranty pointless.

  • Take the vehicle to a mechanic to look it over.

  • Research the vehicle's make and model to see how it rates amongst others of its kind.

  • If you know the VIN number, go to CARFAX to get the vehicle's history.

  • If the dealer didn't tell you about an existing problem when you bought the vehicle and the vehicle breaks down, call the Lawyer Referral Service at 412-261-5555 or visit .

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